We’ve tailor-fit our workshops that even a 10th grade would understand. All the technical jargons are fluff to us. We’ll make sure we’ll make it easy for you that you’ll get excited to apply it even before you walk out of the workshop venue.


If you have always dreamt of having your own website or blog and want to create it on your own but don’t know how to, we are here to help you.

Among all CMS (content management systems) platforms, WordPress is very user-friendly and the most SEO-friendly tool for a newbie.

Likewise, with our workshop, you’ll learn not only how to create your blog with WordPress, we’ll teach you the tips and tricks on how to provide your target audience a pleasant experience at your site as well as how to optimize it, that would eventually help you generate traffic and generate leads.

Our most recent WordPress Basics Workshop.


We get you. We know it can be overwhelming with all the apps and social media platforms that are out there. You also get to a point where you find out that all you get are crickets when you post on social media. Not to mention that you seem to not get any traffic to your website.

Let this workshop on Digital Marketing Basics be the foundation that will help you understand the end-all and be-all of digital marketing.

Bottom line is, you need not be overwhelmed. You need not play any guessing game when it comes to getting results with your digital marketing efforts.

Our most recent Digital Marketing Basics Workshop.

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