7 Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile to Attract Clients and Employers

I remember signing up on LinkedIn about 5 years ago (or maybe even longer) but didn’t have the chance to really spruce it up until last month (Yes, I know…). I came across John Nemo’s free guide, so I gave it a shot as the steps were easy peasy. It’s no rocket science, if you […]

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Disruptive Marketing vs Interruption Marketing

Let’s talk about disruptive marketing at the latter part of the article. I want to briefly discuss what interruption marketing is all about. Here’s how Wikipedia defined interruptive or interruption marketing: “Interruption marketing or outbound marketing is promoting a product through continued advertising, promotions, public relations and sales. It is considered to be an annoying […]

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entrepreneurial mindset

What Does it Mean to Have an Entrepreneurial Mindset?

What does it mean to be entrepreneurial? What does it take to be entrepreneurial? What does it mean to have an entrepreneurial mindset? Time and again we read and learn about entrepreneurship, and that articles about it are found within the foundations of starting a business. Much has been said as well about innovators in […]

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