FREE COACHING: Digital Marketing for Financial Advisors

Financial planning is one of my advocacies in life. My dream is that every Filipino will attain the financial freedom that they want to achieve through effective financial planning.

As I am not a financial advisor myself (I am only a policy holder), and only a digital marketing specialist, I can only do so much to make this happen. Hence, I have decided to design a strategy which will come in the form of a free 30-minute coaching session, and that’s EXCLUSIVE for financial advisors like YOU, that you may be able to make better use of the internet to reach out to more clients.

Are you a financial advisor? Take advantage of this LIMITED offer and avail of the FREE COACHING SESSION. Reach out to more clients through the effective use of the latest digital marketing strategies. Be on top of your game and let’s talk!

To your success,

JC, The Digital Commuter