Who is The Digital Commuter?

My name is JC and I am the creator of The Digital Commuter

A former BPO slave for 10 years. Now a digital nomad. Also for 10 years.

A certified project manager. A digital marketer and speaker.

An advocate of sustainable living and financial planning (not a financial advisor though).

A former Manilena turned Zambalena.

A craftee. A calligraphy and photography enthusiast. A watercolor artist.

A cook. A baker. A stage wife.

A typical INTJ.

A mom to a chow and a shih-tzu. A cat person who loves dogs.

A complicated person who loves to simplify things.

A traveler. A digital commuter.

A lover of life.

Now for the fun part…

2008 was the year when I decided to work from home, fulltime. Prior to that, I’ve already worked in the BPO industry for almost a decade – left the industry at the peak of my career as an operations manager handling multiple accounts. For this reason, my friends and family felt the transition was a pretty drastic decision. To me though it was not. Fact is, I have been longing to work online ever since I experienced my first internet connection during dial-up days. While I’ve seen movies where software programmers telecommute, I knew it would take longer before the same setup would become a reality here in the Philippines.

Fast forward today, working online has taught me a lot of things. A LOT. Transitioning from being a corporate slave to The Digital Commuter has made me realize that a change in mindset was quite necessary, if I want to thrive in the freelancing world. It didn’t take long though before it dawned on me that retaining an employee mindset was not the way to treat this whole new setup.

And traveling has helped me. A LOT.

It opened my eyes to quite a number of things.

In fact, the paradigm shift all the more excited me. Being someone who was all about comfort zones and quite the resistant-to-change type, it didn’t take too long before I told myself that I have to make this work. I guess what they say is true, “Nothing is impossible if you want it badly to work.”

And I did want this location-independent setup badly to work.

I was aware that it meant acquiring a new mindset, an entrepreneurial mindset.

And to me, this meant I needed to welcome CHANGE.

Being someone who always loved to learn new things, the eagerness paved the way for me to employ the right mindset needed. The skills are easy to learn, believe me. It’s the mindset and attitude that are more important. And traveling has taught me that.

So, if you’re uncertain and feeling anxious that you might not make the cut, no need to be hard on yourself. Take advantage of the time to learn, tweak and repeat. 

If you’re new to this digital commute or online freelancing world and struggling, I know exactly what you’re going through, trust me on that. After 10 years of working with clients, applying again, getting rejections once in a while…waiting… then applying again, and working again, I have learned, tweaked, and repeated hundreds of times, only to finally find out that it’s not that complicated after all.

Before I end this, I would like to share with you what I did on how I got my first client back in 2008. You can read it here.

I have perhaps reached that point in life where I now have the time  to share my best practices to fellow digital commuters. It’s one of the main reasons why I created this site. Feel free to drop me a line at my contact page.

Talk soon!

To your digital commuting success,