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WordPress Basics Workshop is Not Your Ordinary Workshop

February 23, 2019 marked TDC’s first WordPress Basics workshop as part of the collaboration with S&G Hub, the first coworking space in Olongapo.

Attendees ranged from employees, to business owners, to freelancers, and to transitioning from being employees to freelancers.

Perhaps if there was one common personal goal each had for attending this workshop, it was to level up their game by adding something new to their skillset.

Whatever their intention was, the goal of this workshop is to get them equipped with the basic things they need to know about WordPress. We simply wanted to make sure that they are confident to take on something new by the time they had out the doors of the coworking hub. Not to mention that they have also gained new friendships during the event.

Attendees were grouped into twos and instructed to create a basic WordPress site.

Let’s face it, digital skills are no longer optional in the world of business today. Regardless if you’re doing the work yourself, or you opt to hire someone to do it, it’s important that we know the basics.

In the case of this WordPress Basics workshop, whether the attendees decide to hire someone or decide to do their own WordPress site, they KNOW how much thinking is put into the work and how long it should take to finish a basic site.

Kudos to all you for creating your first WordPress site!

Want to contact TDC to have a WordPress Basics Workshop for your team? Send us an email: jaycee@thedigitalcommuter.com

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