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Creativity and Authenticity: What TDC Concepts is All About

My name is JC and I am The Digital Commuter. TDC Concepts is my brainchild.

While doing digital marketing is my passion and reading is my favorite past time, traveling has taught me a more important element in marketing – the Human Connection.

It was through traveling that I’ve learned about the importance of authenticity and creativity. I have always believed that our creativity taps into the very core of who we truly are.

After more than a decade of managing digital marketing projects for clients from the US, UK and Australia – from mockup designs, to website development, to website optimization, to content creation, to setting up campaigns, to analyzing every single bit of data that comes in, to developing marketing strategies based on data analytics. If there was one great lesson that I have learned, it was to go back to the basics and factor in what’s more important – and it was how to effectively connect with people.

Numbers are not just numbers in data analytics. There’s a personality behind each number. The human factor are in those numbers.

What is TDC Concepts?

That being said, creativity and authenticity are two important virtues I advocate. TDC Concepts was born from that. I help passionate creative entrepreneurs bring forth their unique voice, so that they can attract the people they want to work with.

Digital marketing can be a tough nut to crack, but by complementing creative with technical solutions, TDC Concepts is able to create solutions that are not only beautiful and functional but authentic, meaningful and unique to your brand.

As a creative entrepreneur, you have a vision that translates into unique ideas which you want to share with people that you want to attract. You you know could attract more if you can only widen your reach online.

All the years you’ve spent in honing your craft, in developing your unique creations, you feel it’s about time to bring to the world because you know your ideas and what you have to offer can make a huge difference in the lives of the people you want to attract.

If you find value in making meaningful and authentic connections to your target audience is important in helping your thriving creative business, you are in the right direction.

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