Interview with Shey Gonzales Tolentino: The Freelancer and Owner of the First Coworking Space in Olongapo

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I met Shey when the Zambales Online Entrepreneurs and Virtual Assistants group was formed. 

During our first group meetup, Shey already made a mark to the group, and we all had the same reasons why we all fell in love with her. She was downright funny and witty, and anybody who would get to know her would definitely want to hang out with her.

But behind her wit, humor and bubbly personality, Shey doesn’t waste any opportunity to be entrepreneurial and productive.

Aside from being a freelancer, she is now the owner of the first coworking space in Olongapo.

Get to know more about her in this interview

TDC: How many years have you been freelancing? How did you start? Please tell us your story.

Shey: I’ve been  freelancing since November 7, 2016. On July 2016, my Tita asked me if I wanted to work from home. I answered with just a simple “opo” but deep inside me, I wanted to dance in front of her kasi I’ve been waiting for this moment for many years. (haha.) But it took 4 months before their team leader decided to hire me. (My first project started on November 7,2016 and ended last May 30, 2018.) And it’s worth the wait. After 7 months (May 3, 2017), our team leader referred me to his other client. I’m still working in this project.

TDC: How has freelancing changed your life?

Shey: Freelancing changed my life 200%. And my weight as well. (LOL)

TDC: Let’s face it, freelancing has its setbacks. How do you deal with it?

Shey: Every time I feel tired, I always say to myself that I’ve been praying for this for too long, I don’t have a right to get tired. Especially for those times when I felt  I was treated unfairly, honestly, I prayed everything to God.

TDC: What kind of work do you do for your clients at the moment? Can you please tell us more about it?

Shey: My work now includes Moderation, Support, and Operations Specialist for Exciting Startup. We do web research, profile review and customer support.

TDC: What is your typical day like as a freelancer?

Shey: My work is 8 hours a day from Monday to Friday but I can work overtime for another 10 hours. So I wake up at 6 or 7am and turn my PC on and do my morning routine. Most of the time though, I don’t go on overtime. After work, I usually just go to sleep. (haha) Same cycle happens on the next day.

TDC: What freelancing tips can you share to those who are just starting out?

Shey: Patience is a virtue. Also, practice endurance. Always give your best, and the reward will always come next.


Shey will soon open her coworking space in Olongapo to the public. So make sure to visit her business’ FB page for updates.

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