Connected Women Meetup: A First in Zambales

The Commute

November 7, 2018 marks a history not only in Connected Women’s record of meetups but also for theĀ  women of Zambales.

It was an evening where women from all parts of Zambales and Olongapo got together to be part of the province’s history.

For those who are not aware, Connected Women is a startup founded by Gina Romero whose goal is to empower women – entrepreneurs and professionals, and freelancers alike – through a technology-driven movement.

And last night marks the most number of simultaneous meetups in Connected Women’s history. 33 cities around the globe, a new record for Connected Women and a first for Zambales.

Women from all walks of life within Zambales came together for one thing: to share and get connected.

Yes, because each of them (us) believe that sharing EMPOWERS, and likewise, connecting empowers. It was the first time we saw the personalities behind the names we met online but in an instant, we became a community when we got together.

And regardless of age and profession, we didn’t see any reason not to connect.

We can only say that, of course, because we’re the women being talked about here.

Or so, I thought.

Even our official male photographer that night was in the same wavelength as we were.

It was an evening of celebration, an evening of empowerment.

There was really no stopping us that night.

And despite being a modern woman – the strength, the confidence, the mark of fearlessness , the accomplishments – how they were created was still evident from beginning to the end: Gentle and warm.

The laughter and the humor were the highlights as well of the evening. Thanks to my co-hosts, Mitch, Shyr and Pam, while we did have a meeting prior to the meetup to be familiar with the assigned program, we were all in the same page that more than adhering to the program flow, we all agreed to make it a memorable experience for everyone.

There were sporadic impromptus from attendees that made the evening all the more special. Although, each of them knew beforehand that the meetup was an opportunity to network, they knew for themselves they got so much more.

Friendships were formed, a new sisterhood emerged.


The personal taglines each of these women came up with during their introduction marked a special memory for each. Whether they called it hashtags or taglines – it didn’t matter. Each woman became even more special because of what they believed in.

Crystal and her “ring light antics”
My co-hosts (L-R) Meshyr, Mitch of and Pam)

Even my co-hosts were simply amazing. While we all didn’t know what to expect as it was the first meetup for Zambales, we knew what we wanted to happen. We simply visualized and claimed that it will be successful. And it was evident in the last minute games they came up with for everyone’s enjoyment,

Three hours indeed is too short of a time to be with a circle of women who have something important to say. We can only look forward to the next, and to the next, and…

These areĀ  just my personal thoughts as host of the meetup.

We have an upcoming feature post of the same event on Check it out soon!

To find out more about Connected Women, visit their site here. Join our fast growing community as well on our Facebook page.

If you’re within Zambales and would want to be part of our online entrepreneur and virtual assistant group, you can join here.

See you on our next meetup!


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