First LinkedIn Local Meetup in Subic

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So, what is LinkedIn Local?

LinkedIn Local is a worldwide community-driven movement that was started by Anna McAfee in Australia.

It was in May 2017 when Anna decided to meet some of her LinkedIn connections for coffee in her local area in Australia. Anna’s brilliant post caught the interest of a lot of people and what was supposed to be just a friendly meetup marked the beginning of a community driven movement that is now being done in 60 countries and counting. Best of all, it was the hashtag #LinkedInLocal that changed everything. 

Today, LinkedIn Local is a global community of LinkedIn users who take online relationships offline to get to know the personality behind the profile.

In the Philippines, there are so far only 4-5 cities who are hosting LinkedIn Local meetups and Subic is one of them. That being said, it will be the first in Zambales.

In my case, I simply wanted to share with people how LinkedIn has helped me connect with like-minded people, and how it has helped me gain insights about the work that I was doing.

So there, I searched online and found LinkedInLocal’s website. I learned about LinkedIn Local meetups, being a host in LinkedIn Local meetups, the works.

Next thing I knew, after signing up as a host for Subic, I was already scheduled for a call together with other LinkedIn Local future hosts in other countries!

From L to R: Hosts of LL Subic, Philippines, Botswana, France (host of the call) and Anna from Poland – not in pic

Gregory was accommodating enough to share what we needed to know about hosting a LinkedIn Local Meetup, as well as sharing the story behind it. He also advised creating an event on Linkedin Local’s website, even if a date and venue is not set. Creating a coming-soon-event would get people interested, he says.

The next few weeks was all about preparation. Securing the venue, finalizing the date. It’s a bit of a challenge as my goal was not merely to get attendees but to make sure that the meetup will be a meaningful and pleasant experience for everyone.

It’s true when they say that for as long as you wish for it, the universe conspires to make it happen. In the next days of preparation, I’ve received messages from people reaching out and also positive responses to the ones I’ve reached out to. Despite the fact that there were no final details yet on the venue, they all agreed on the November 24 date. And just when the universe does its magic, I received a response  from the owner of White Rock Beach Hotel +Waterpark saying that I can use their Beach Point Restaurant (as the name implies, the restaurant is situated by the beach!) for the meetup, while BEST Freeport Colleges  offered to provide the audio and video equipment needed on that date.

Likewise, Virginia Bautista, who has agreed to be one of my panelists on November 24, shared so much valuable tips and insights not only about LinkedIn but in supporting my vision as well, when it comes to the aftermath of the 1st meetup. For those who don’t know Virginia, she has been with the academe for the longest time but finally found her niche as a LinkedIn trainer, content strategist, speaker and consultant. Not to mention  that she has been featured twice on Forbes magazine!

Jeff Manhilot, another one I should be thankful for. He went out of his way and shared his time in giving me great tips by sharing his past experiences with other LinkedIn Local meetups. I had a similar topic in mind but the words he used are just brilliant!

Rochefel Rivera, Kari Javier and Mitch Carvalho. These beautiful and accomplished ladies who are just so passionate in their craft eagerly agreed to join the panel and share their insights on our topic, “Nurturing Authentic Connections in the Digital Age.” Their expertise in the field of digital marketing will greatly benefit local business owners who’ll be attending the event.

Jane Martinito, the host of the recently concluded LinkedIn Local Cavite meetup, was accommodating enough to give me tips as well on the preparations.

Subic Bay Radio was kind enough as well to promote this non-profit event.

I’m thanking these people as early as now, and I plan to thank them even after the event as well. It’s the least I can do for making this possible not only for Subic, but for the whole of Zambales.


Subic’s First LinkedIn Local Meetup

It will be a fun-filled yet meaningful interaction with like-minded people who are business owners, professionals and freelancers. Let’s exchange insights while enjoying the blue skies and floating breeze at Beach Point Restaurant inside White Rock. Call it a respite after a week’s work. There’s nothing more rewarding than sharing experiences in our respective industries while making new friends at the same time.

Registration btw is FREE.  As this is non-profit, you can just order and pay for your food at the venue.

As slots are limited, I strongly suggest you register thru this link before they run out.

See you at the beach!






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