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6 Effective Tips on How to Attract Clients

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I’ve been there and knowing how to attract clients is the immediate problem of practically every business or professional. It doesn’t happen overnight but once you learn the ropes, it will just be a matter of tweaking and repeating to achieve the results that you want.

These are so far my top 6 tips on how to attract clients.

1. Know Who Your Ideal Client Is.
In the marketing world, they say, “If you’re marketing to everyone, you’re practically marketing to no one.” I couldn’t agree more. It tremendously helps if you know who your target market is. When identifying your ideal client, don’t just stick to the plain demographics. Dig deeper. Go on a psychographic level. Know your ideal client’s interests, lifestyle, beliefs, behavior, problems and challenges. Know their pain points.

2. Spruce Up Your Social Media Accounts.
In this day and age of the digital consumer, potential clients have the power to find the information that they need before making a (purchase) decision. Whether they’re interested in a product or service, clients check reviews and testimonial through social media accounts.

3. Share Insights About Your Expertise.
Be a thought leader in your niche or industry. Establish your credibility by sharing insights that focus on your clients’ pain points. Share those value nuggets through a blog post, or through the Notes feature on Facebook, or by posting it as an article on LinkedIn. Create compelling content that connects to your target audience.

4. Engage!
Sharing insights through posts is not enough. Participating in groups or forums increases your visibility to your target audience and makes more of them aware of the value you can offer. Pitching is a turnoff though, so be a problem-solver instead.

5. Ask and Listen.
This tip is probably one of the best ways to connect. When done effectively, it can easily gain a potential client’s trust. You can easily carry this out in the form of a poll or survey using email or social media tools. When coming up with questions, think about the challenges – i.e (again), pain points.

6. Give Something of Value.
Be an instrument in helping your ideal client decide. Give something of value that requires little to no investment on your client’s part. Provide a free-ebook or free online coaching. If you believe that your worth is the value that you give and not what your clients pay, it would be easy for you to carry out this tip. Trust me, giving something of value spells out all the difference.

Bottom line is, knowing how to attract clients is all about CONNECTING. Never about selling. Connecting oftentimes become effective if our goal is to solve a problem rather then sell. As what I would always say, “Be a problem solver, not a marketer.”


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