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When I moved to Zambales, I was in a mixed state of emotions, most of which were of excitement leaning towards giddiness, lol.

So, when I finally got settled in my new home with my partner and 2 dogs, I had to make sure I had internet connection to resume my life as The Digital Commuter. I felt nothing changed much since I followed the same online work schedule when I was in Manila, still stuck in a room and tapping my fingers away on my keyboard while my dogs wait for me give them their next grub. My partner of course would leave for work at 8am, check back in for an hour during lunchtime and then come home at 5 or 6pm.

It was pretty much the daily routine till I decided to change it a bit.

I looked for freelance groups within my area who I I could interact with and hopefully join or organize meetups with, and just share experiences with people with the same wavelength. Luckily I did find some though no meetups have materialized yet.

Then I started my online coaching.

After a about more than a month of doing online coaching sessions (which I do one-on-one btw), I felt I could make myself more productive and give more meaning to my career if I reached out to more people.

So, I go on with my journey thinking of other ways to have a meaningful and yet more productive freelancing career.

Me and Rochefel in Castillejos, while taking a break.

And then I saw Rochefel Rivera’s post.

We’ve been friends on Facebook even when I was still in Manila but I never really had the chance to join her meetups in Megamall or Ortigas area. I also joined her FB group for VAs and I was pleased to see in her posts that she employs the entrepreneurial mindset in being a VA and teaches the same to other freelancers who want to become a VA as well.

I sent her a message asking  if she was free for a chat to talk about freelancing, entrepreneurship and a possible collaboration. We exchanged numbers and she ended up calling me. The moment I answered her call, it felt as if I’ve known her for a long time. We probably talked for almost an hour and to my surprise, she was actually getting ready to go to Zambales for her e-commerce web development training for MSMEs with Department of Information and Communications Technology’s Rural Impact Sourcing Technical Training (RISTT)!

Mayor Jose Angelo Dominguez of Castillejos, Zambales showing his support to future e-commerce web developers.

The moment she told me the news I didn’t have any second thoughts of inviting her to Subic, so we could finally meet in person!

Instead, she had a better idea.

She invited me over to speak at her training and share tips and best practices on being an online entrepreneur. Most people know that I started out as a freelancer but being the entrepreneur that I am, only a handful knew that I was also used the internet for entrepreneurship ventures.

We talked a bit about my life when I started out as a freelancer, till I ventured into e-commerce, then I gave some tips on product photography and digital marketing.

It’s amazing to see the eagerness and the drive of the students to get their websites done. Rochefel, their trainer was just as eager to educate them on how to be digitally equipped and get the hands on experience to learn all the ropes in e-commerce.

DICT-RISTT still aims to tap more provinces in the Philippines to reach out to more FIlipinos and have them take advantage the different business and work opportunities that internet technology can provide.

I hope they reach out to more in areas in Zambales soon! 🙂

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