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Digital Marketing

For 10 years, since I started my freelancing career doing digital marketing, I’ve pretty much worked with practically every type of client both local and abroad. Perhaps 90% of them were about marketing their businesses online – from men’s neckties, to women’s fashion, to eyewear, to ebooks, to canvas paintings, to photography services, to webdev services, to social media marketing services, to online training, to life coaching – and the list just goes on.

I’ve decided to give my digital marketing career a different spin this time.

So, aside from doing online coaching on digital marketing, I also started training marketing teams of hotels and schools here up north.

I must admit, a bit of a paradigm shift was required on their part as not everybody has gotten the memo that “push marketing” is already a thing of the past.

Unlearning the old marketing tactics and embracing the new has its upsides and downsides, I must say. Thank God though, Wikipedia has made it easier for me to convince them that old or interruptive marketing no longer works for today’s digital consumer.

In general, for an industry that values customer experience and one that invests on customer service training for every staff, it is simply important to align this whole mindset in every aspect of the business – including marketing.

As they say, “customer experience” is now “the new product (or service).” Gone are the days when customer satisfaction is surveyed only after a sale has taken place.

Digital marketing is not only about learning the different tools and platforms to gain traction online and get sales.

digital marketing training
Me telling one of my students to do the classic “Sell me this pen.”

Given that we’re talking about the NEW digital marketing approach, I’d say it isn’t even about selling.

It’s about problem-solving.

It’s about connecting.

It’s about establishing relationships.

It’s about knowing your ideal client.

It’s knowing about their journey, their behavior.

It’s about knowing their fears, problems, challenges.

It’s knowing about their pain points.

Only then will a marketer be able to figure out what right tools to use and how to link them together. More than thinking about how to manipulate tools to generate sky-rocketing stats, it’s all about quality content.

Hotels and schools here up north are starting to realize the importance of turning a stranger to a customer (and even a promoter). Some of them simply just have to “digitally translate” what they’re already doing face-to-face with their clients and just trying to connect with them through meaningful content.

It’s still a long journey on my end, but I am positive that they’re slowly getting there.

One business at a time.










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