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What Does it Mean to Have an Entrepreneurial Mindset?

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What does it mean to be entrepreneurial? What does it take to be entrepreneurial? What does it mean to have an entrepreneurial mindset?

Time and again we read and learn about entrepreneurship, and that articles about it are found within the foundations of starting a business. Much has been said as well about innovators in the 21st century being celebrated, only making the requirement for entrepreneurial skills to become more popular.

Truth is, being entrepreneurial does not have anything to do with having a business.

Having an entrepreneurial mindset means having the set of skills and attitude needed to make it academically and professionally (And yes, you heard it right. Even academically) – i.e., having self-direction or initiative, being able take calculated risks, being able to critically think and have the problem solving skills needed, as well as sound decision-making; being able see opportunities, and create value out of those opportunities; innovate when necessary.

It is not surprising when having an entrepreneurial mindset would work (or even be required) in any field or industry. It simply covers the very foundation of what the world needs today.

Whether you’re a freelancer, a business owner, an employee, or even a student, you’ll definitely find yourself in a situation where you need to create opportunities, take risks, and innovate.

Being entrepreneurial is experiential. While skills are essential and are, in fact, the prelude to becoming an entrepreneur, one has to be exposed to “entrepreneurial situations” over time to develop the mindset.

These “entrepreneurial situations” usually test our ability to seek and/or create opportunities. More often than not, the ability to “spot” an opportunity would depend on our ability to think outside the box, or even know (very well) what’s already inside it. And whether we choose to take the road less traveled or the route where everyone else is going, we still have to ultimately achieve our bottomline.

Now, I ask you, do you want to just stand out or make a difference?

What’s your bottomline?



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