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My Top 10 Favorite Project Management Tools

The Commute

Gone are the days when you have to use spreadsheets for project management. While they can still come in handy, there are already existing applications that not only make managing projects easy but also let you stay on top of things even while you’re on the go. Evernote for android

  1. Evernote .It’s not a project management app but more of a note taking app. I call it my prelude app to project management. Evernote is my go-to app if I need to take note of anything while on the go. I can access it on my phone, on my laptop and on my desktop since it has both a mobile app and a browser version. Syncing becomes a breeze, plus I can easily send notes/files to anyone. Great for personal and work-related use. Talk about thinking and storing your thoughts on the fly.
  2. Mindjet – I love mindmapping. When my brain goes on overdrive, I easily pull out this app from my phone and just organize my ideas using this app. With Mindjet’s templates, I get to save time creating the nodes and just fill them up with whatever I have in mind.
  3. Trello – Once I’ve finalized my mind map, turning the ideas in my mindmap into tasks becomes a breeze with this tool. My clients love using Trello because it’s very user-friendly and they can easily get notified once a task is completed even while they’re traveling or in a meeting.
  4. Bitrix24 – A recent favorite. It’s an all-in-one project management/CRM/cloud storage app. Not to mention that it also has a calendar feature and the usual group chat for easy communication and collaboration.
  5. Zoho Projects – A robust project management tool that allows you to see all your project’s task updates at a single glance. I love working with numbers, so I love the fact that it has a dashboard feature. I also love the fact that it has a two-factor authentication feature for an added layer of security.
  6. Google Drive –  Having a central storage of files becomes easy with Google Drive. It’s even easy to share them since practically everyone in my network has a gmail/google account.
  7. Doodle – Great for online meetings and creating polls.
  8. Wrike – I’ve used Wrike with a couple of clients in the past since it was their preferred PM tool. It has an intuitive interface that is similar to other project management tools. What I really like about Wrike are the templates that they created which pretty much saves the time in setting up a project. There are templates for marketing, event planning, content planning, OKR, and the like. The no-investment option is only a 14-day trial period. It’s worth it though should you decide to upgrade to their premium plan.
  9. Meistertask – another intuitive task management tool. Great even those who are not project managers but would like to easily manage tasks within the project with ease.
  10. Mindmeister – is integrated seamlessly with Meistertask. Once you’re done creating your mind map using this tool, you can easily migrate it to Meistertask and transform it into tasks that you can easily delegate. Also comes with templates that you can easily use and edit to make it more applicable to your project.


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