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Every freelancer has his own favorite set of freelancing tools. I’ve come across different freelance apps – tried them for awhile until new ones came along. I remember back in the day when Kanban tools weren’t developed yet, my team and I used Editgrid and  even MS Excel to document project milestones. And of course, there was the never ending exchange of email – the sending back and forth of updates to clients – when there was no Asana or Trello to collaborate with during the early days of Web 2.0.

These are my go-to freelancing tools so far. Some of them I found online myself, while others were recommended by clients and fellow project managers and virtual assistants. I’ve been using most of them for quite sometime now, while a few have just become recent favorites.

  1. Paypal. Probably the only app in this list I could never live without, lol. While I do have other virtual accounts, Paypal still remains to be the lowest in terms of fees, not to mention the competitive exchange rates.
  2. Trello. While I’ve used other similar collaboration/project management tools, I seem to have stayed with Trello as it turns out to be easier to use for my clients. They’re able to assign tasks to me via Trello with ease even while they’re on the go. They love the fact that Trello can be installed on their phones and they can instantly receive notifications about the progress of every task they have listed in the app.
  3. Mindjet. I’ve grown fond of using mindmaps for as long as I can remember. I create mindmaps anytime of the day, no matter what I’m doing, no matter where I’m at. I love the fact that when I’m in my own eureka-bubble moment, I can just easily pull out my phone and just either create a new mindmap or connect a new idea that comes up.
  4. Zoom File and screen-sharing becomes a breeze with this app.  Also allows for video calling.
  5. Canva. While Photoshop is my go-to software for creating and editing images, I rely on Canva when I need to create social media image posts on the fly.  There are lots of templates to choose from that you can easily customize when you’re on the go. Talk about fast turn around time especially when you need to do a last minute post.
  6. Every Timezone. I’m done computing time differences, tbh. Thank God for this app.
  7. Buffer. Scheduling social media posts becomes a breeze with this app.
  8. Lastpass. While I remember the passwords I keep on my personal accounts, it’s just hard to remember all the login details of clients’ apps. Not to mention that for every client there are at least 5 apps with login credentials that I need to keep in handy. Lastpass not only saves the passwords, it also has a feature that allows you to organize passwords in folders. Plus I love the fact that it can be a browser extension, as it sits nicely on my Google Chrome and can just log in to my Lastpass account anytime I need to log onto an app.
  9. Ice Cream Recorder. When I need to send navigation instructions in a jiffy, this app does the job seamlessly. The free version though will only allow you to record for a maximum of 5 minutes. Not bad for me though.
  10. Google Calendar. There are a lot of online scheduling apps out there but the old school in me has decided to stick to the classic. I especially love the feature where it allows you to share your own calendar with other people.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be adding changing this list when something that fits my needs comes up. How about you, what are your favorite apps or freelancing tools?

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