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My name is JC and I am The Digital Commuter. TDC Concepts is my brainchild. While doing digital marketing is my passion and reading is my favorite past time, traveling has taught me a more important element in marketing – the Human Connection. Find out more about what I mean through my blog below post

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We admit, our thought process is different. This doesn't mean though that we'll compromise your experience. In fact, it's the main consideration why we think differently. We make sure we do not leave you groping in the dark. We will hold your hand every step of the way.

We’ve tailor-fit our workshops that even a 10th grade would understand. All the technical jargons are fluff to us. We’ll make sure we’ll make it easy for you that you’ll get excited to apply it even before you walk out of the workshop venue. WORDPRESS BASICS WORKSHOPS If you have always dreamt of having your

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We understand that each client’s needs are unique. For more than 10 years, we have helped businesses around the globe either on continuous or on a per-need basis to supply their online business needs. So, once in awhile, we do get requests from professionals and businesses who have needs for the following: Keyword-optimized articles Website

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  • ” Discover how digital marketing can help you achieve your goals. It has opened many doors for me and I know, it can do the same for you. Learn from my digital marketing mentor, The Digital Commuter. She played a big role on my journey as start-up and wished I’ve met her earlier. The Digital Commuter is more than just a brand. Miss Jen, the person behind it, has overdelivered what she promised and has become an instrument of many opportunities for me and brought me to the right people. It’s hard to find someone like you! I mean I’ve contacted different people and so far, you’re the only one who’s more than just a resume. You practice and overdeliver what you preach. I’m glad our paths crossed. Thank you! “

    Cristina Nira Macaspac, CEO of U-Progressph

  • “I know marketing from how it was taught in the university. And I can pretty much say I understood how it should be used. But what’s really amazing now that we’re in the digital era is knowing that marketing has completely evolved not only as sale-generating tool but also an avenue for building network and establishment of trust between business to business, and business to consumers. Jen is very knowledgeable on this topic. She explains clearly and gives real-life examples for better understanding. “

    Che Galima-Marzan, Wandercrew Travel

  • “We have learned a lot from Jennette starting from scratch to implementation and how to sustain and improve our strategy in every step of the way. She’s very approachable and easy to connect with. We are very glad to have our coaching session with her and we would like to recommend her to those who are just starting in digital marketing. “

    Adrian Agawin, Asia Premier One Source Inc. Marketing/Graphic Design Lead

  • Ms. Jay Cee is very approachable .. nakakatuwa na may mga tulad niya na willing to share their knowledge and willing to teach others at low cost… waiting for more trainings and workshops from her.. highly recommended!!!

    Abigail, Owner of RAJJ Bamboo Craft & Bahay Kubo

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Free Webinar on Digital Marketing Basics

It’s not everyday that you get the opportunity to serve a community with like-minded people. While it could be easy to create the opportunity on your own, it helps to collaborate with like-minded people who have the same goal are yours. And that’s exactly that took place with PayStaff. Click here to learn more about

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WordPress Basics Workshop is Not Your Ordinary Workshop

February 23, 2019 marked TDC’s first WordPress Basics workshop as part of the collaboration with S&G Hub, the first coworking space in Olongapo. Attendees ranged from employees, to business owners, to freelancers, and to transitioning from being employees to freelancers. Perhaps if there was one common personal goal each had for attending this workshop, it

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Creativity and Authenticity: What TDC Concepts is All About

My name is JC and I am The Digital Commuter. TDC Concepts is my brainchild. While doing digital marketing is my passion and reading is my favorite past time, traveling has taught me a more important element in marketing – the Human Connection. It was through traveling that I’ve learned about the importance of authenticity

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